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Experienced, with a winning record of standing up for justice.

The Glasscox Law Firm © is an experienced civil and criminal law practice with a winning record of taking on tough cases and standing up for justice throughout North, Central and West Alabama.

Glasscox Law is led by Stan Glasscox and Elizabeth Ezell Glasscox, seasoned trial lawyers with more than 40 years of experience, between them solving clients’ problems and using the law to correct clients’ situations with a blend of toughness and compassion.

Glasscox Law takes a partnership approach to the traditional attorney-client relationship, serving as a trusted ally during each step of the legal process. If you need an experienced legal partner, call 888-908-8138 today.

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When two lawyers were wrongfully arrested and criminally charged by a rouge, out-of-control prosecutor they turned to The Glasscox Law Firm, LLC for help. Justice prevailed, and the charges were dismissed without the lawyers ever having to put on a defense or testify. Below is the story of those two lawyers, and how The Glasscox Law Firm, LLC helped them, stood by them, in their quest for justice. The Glasscox Law Firm, LLC is where lawyers, who need help, go; shouldn’t you?

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